February 4, 2014 Philippians By Nancy Baird

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“[Philippians] is the warm, spontaneous outpouring of a loving heart expressing itself with unreserved gratitude and tenderness towards the favorite children of his ministry.”
Farrar, The Life and Work of St. Paul, 750.

“One cannot feign a heart like Paul’s.”
Erasmus, (About 1500.)

 “We may be thousands of miles apart, yet we are in unison, because [we are] bound together and inspired by the one Spirit.”
Francis Marion Lyman, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, Conference Report, April 1904, 11.

 “There was a doctor, Harry.  He had delivered many babies.  Hundreds of babies.  But this delivery was different. He was an ER doctor and a woman was brought into the ER about to have her baby.  The doctor was called, but it was too late and this doctor, Harry, was called to deliver the baby.  He did, and right after the delivery, he laid the baby along his left forearm.  Holding the back of her head in his left hand, he took a suction bulb in his right and began to clear her mouth and nose of mucus.

Suddenly the baby opened her eyes and looked directly at him.  At that moment, Harry stepped past his role and realized a very simple thing:  that he was the first human being this baby girl had ever seen.  And in his mind and heart, he welcomed her to the earth, for all people everywhere.”
Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom, 160. (paraphrased).

 “I will…never do harm to anyone.”
Hippocratic Oath.

“Too late did I Love Thee!  For behold, thou wert within, and I without, and there did I seek thee:  I unlovely, rushed heedlessly among the things of beauty thou madest.  Thou were with me, but I was not with Thee.”
Augustine, Confessions, (400 A.D.)