February 12, 2013 Matthew 19 Mark 10-12 Luke 12-14,19 – By Diane Adair

Audio February 12 2013 Lesson 83

Matthew 19
Mark 10-12
Luke 12-14, 19


“When we reject council which comes from God, we do not choose to be independent of outside influence.  We choose another influence whose purpose is to make us miserable and whose motive is hatred.  We reject the protection of a perfectly loving, all powerful, all knowing Father in Heaven whose whole purpose is to give us eternal life, to give us all that He has, and to bring us home again to the arms of His love.”   Henry B. Eyring

“The time has come for us to stand a little taller, to lift our eyes, and strengthen minds to a greater comprehension and understanding of the grand millennial mission of the church.  This is a time to be strong; it is a time to move forward without hesitation…It is a time to do what is right regardless of the consequences.  It is a season to reach out with kindness and love to those in distress and to those who are wandering in darkness and pain.  It is a time to be considerate and good, decent and courteous toward one another…In other words to become more Christ-like.”    President Gordon B. Hinckley

“Because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path…we do not have to do so.  His solitary journey brought great company for our version of that path–the merciful care of our Father in Heaven, the unfailing companionship of this Beloved Son, the consummate gift of the Holy Ghost, angels in Heaven, family members on both sides of the veil, prophets and apostles, teachers, leaders, friends.  All of these and more have been given as companions for our mortal journey because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His gospel.  Trumpeted from the summit of Calvary is the truth that we will never be left alone nor unaided, even if sometimes we may feel that we are.  Truly the Redeemer of us all said:  I will not leave you comfortless:  My Father and I will come to you and abide with you.  My other plea is that these scenes of Christ’s lonely sacrifice, laced with moments of denial and abandonment and at least once, outright betrayal must never be reenacted by us.  He has walked alone once.  Now, may I ask that never again will He have to confront sin without our aid and assistance, that never again will He find only unresponsive onlookers when He sees you and me along His Via Dolorosa in our present day…may we declare ourselves to be more fully disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, not in word only and not only in the flush of comfortable times but in deed and in courage and in faith, including when the path is lonely and when our cross is difficult to bear…may we stand by Jesus Christ at all times and in all things and in all places that we may be in even until death, for surely that is how He stood by us.    Jeffrey R. Holland

“Oh, it is wonderful to know that our Heavenly Father loves us–even with all our flaws!  His love is such that even should we give up on ourselves, He never will.  We might see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today.  Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever…The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of transformation.  It takes us as men and women of the earth and refines us into men and women for the eternities…The gospel of Jesus Christ has the answers to all of our problems…The gospel does not come from man.  The doctrine of the Church is not someone’s best guess as to the meaning of ancient scripture.  It is the truth of heaven revealed by God Himself.  I testify that Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw.  He truly looked into the heavens and communed with God the Father and the Son and with angels.”    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“For nearly six thousand years, God has held you in reserve to make your appearance in the final days before the second coming of the Lord…God has saved for the final inning some of His strongest and most valiant children…That is where you come in, for you are the generation that must be prepared to meet your God…Make no mistake about it—you are a marked generation.  There has never been more expected of the faithful in such a short period of time than there is of us…”    President Ezra T. Benson

“When we hear the transcendent truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, hope and faith begin to blossom inside of us.  The more we fill our hearts and minds with the message of the risen Christ, the greater our desire is to follow Him and live His teachings…The more we are filled with the Spirit of God, the more we extend ourselves to others.  We become peacemakers in our homes and families, we help our fellowmen everywhere, and we reach out in merciful acts of kindness, forgiveness, grace and longsuffering patience…This is the peaceable way of the follower of Jesus Christ…Now is the time to adjust your lives to be able to have a temple recommend and use it.   Now is the time to have meaningful family home evenings, to read the word of God and to speak to our Heavenly Father in earnest prayer.  Now is the time to fill our hearts with gratitude for the Restoration of His Church, for living prophets, the Book of Mormon, and the priesthood power that blesses our lives.  Now is the time to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, become His disciples, and walk in His way.    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“In considering such beauty of the at-one-ment…we are reminded that this relationship between Christ and His Father is one of the sweetest and most moving themes running through the Savior’s ministry.  Jesus’ entire being, His complete purpose and delight, were centered in pleasing His Father and obeying His will.  Of Him He seemed always to be thinking: to Him He seemed always to be praying.  Unlike us, He needed no crisis, no discouraging shift in events to direct His hopes heavenward.  He was already instinctively, longingly looking that way.”    Jeffrey R. Holland