October 23, 2012 – Matthew 9-10,16-17 Mark 2-3,6 Luke 5-6,10 – By Nancy Baird

Audio October 23, 2012

Matthew 9-10
Matthew 16-17
Mark 2-3
Mark 6
Luke 5-6
Luke 10


Speaking of Jesus healing the man ‘sick with the palsy’:
“In this instance there was a physical healing.  Sometimes there is also a healing of the nervous system or of the mind.  But always the remittance of sins which attends divine forgiveness heals the spirit.  This accounts for the fact that in the scriptures conversion and healing are repeatedly associated.”
Marion G. Romney, Conference Report, Oct. 1963, 24-25.

“Christ’s call to the righteous musts be in vain until they know their unrighteousness…Pride and lovelessness are…a greater affront than the extortion of the tollgatherers.”
Interpreter’s Bible,  vol. vii, 354.

“As we got closer to marriage, I felt completely confident that Gordon loved me.  But I also knew somehow that I would never come first with him.  I knew I was going to be second in his life and that the Lord was going to be first.  And that was okay.”
Sheri Dew, Go Forward With Faith, 114.

October 16, 2012 Matthew 9,11,13 Mark 3 Luke 4 – By Morrissa Rich

Audio October 16, 2012

Matthew 9
Matthew 11
Matthew 13
Mark 3
Luke 4


“This day is the scripture fulfilled in your ears.”

“That is to say: ‘ I have read from Isaiah; I have set forth the meaning of His words; I have taught the doctrine.  Now I testify that these words–and therefore all Messianic prophecies–are fulfilled in me: they apply to me; I am the one of whom the prophets spoke; I am He; I am the Messiah.'”
Elder Bruce R. McConkie  – “The Mortal Messiah, Vol. 1

“The kingdom of God is like…”
(Consider the message about missionary work in these parables.)

•   Good seeds and tares
•   A seed growing secretly
•   A mustard seed
•   Leaven
•   A hidden treasure
•   A pearl of great price
•   The gospel net