Sept 28, 2010 Introduction to the Book of Mormon

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Dear Sisters of this Great and Blessed Olympus Stake,
It is hard for me to find the words to express the joy I feel as I contemplate all you good sisters attending the weekly Sisters in Scripture Class.  I have had many of you come up to me and offer thanks for the Class.  The thanks need to go to the Stake RS presidency and Teachers.
We were told in last general conference that “The Lord has commanded us  to search the scriptures, to feast upon them, and to treasure them up…as we do, we will have the Spirit with us.  We will become acquainted with His voice.  And ” The scriptures are the voice of the Lord, studying the scriptures, trains us to hear the Lords voice”.    -David McConkie, first counselor in the Sunday school presidency. Nov 2010 Ensign.
Sisters, I promise you that your faith and testimony will grow as you attend this class and feast on the words of Christ. (Make it a lifetime habit.)And as your faith and testimony grow, so shall your children’s faith grow.  Generations will be blessed because of your faith and testimony. Sisters, speaking for the priesthood, we need you. Our lives would be dismal without you. We need your faith and testimony to be strong as you need ours to be strong. We rely on each other. Let us all keep the faith !

I testify of the power of  the word of God in our lives.   In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

President Scott Buie, Stake President

Cathy Stringham- Salt Lake Olympus Stake Relief Society President
My Dear Friends,

            As we unveil this new blog, we hope you will add it to your favorites list and check it out on a regular basis.  There will be postings in the three areas which are the focus of Relief Society and our needs as women – living more providently, serving others, and coming to Christ.  If you are unable to attend Sisters in Scriptures the classes will now be available on these sister blogs.
            My first baby, little J. Riley Stringham, had bright blue eyes and blond fuzz on his head, and he cried night and day for months.  I was very young and inexperienced, and I felt helpless to ease Riley’s suffering.   Clay and I were doing our best to negotiate our way with this little one without any real support from distant parents and family.  I remember quizzing the doctor at one of Riley’s early checkups, wondering how it was possible for an infant to survive on so little sleep.  (I knew I was on the verge of expiring!)  His difficulties were blamed on “colic” and I was reassured he would eventually “grow” out of it.  I remember feeling particularly overwhelmed and discouraged one afternoon, and the distinct thought came to my mind.  Little Riley is “homesick.”  This earthly home is so unfamiliar, and this physical body is strange and sometimes painful.  He yearned for his heavenly home,  his Heavenly Mother and Father, and the joy and peace he knew so well.  I think he was seriously doubting his decision to make this journey.  I was so grateful for this inspiration which helped to calm me, and directed me in ways to soothe my baby.

I wonder if we don’t suffer from “homesickness.” We feel lost in unfamiliar territory and the world feels too big, too hard, and too bad!  Our weekly “Sisters in Scripture” class is just the anecdote for spiritual homesickness.  It is such a safe, loving place to meet together with our friends and sisters and get a dose of just the right medicine to provide that sense of belonging, familiarity, hope, and strength to navigate this earthly life.  Our hour together truly is a little “slice of heaven.”