March 5, 2013 Matthew 21-23 Mark 11-12 Luke 19-21 John 12 by Nancy Baird

 Audio March 5, 2013 Lesson 86

Matthew 21-23
Mark 11-12
Luke 19-21
John 12


“All the members of the Sacerdotal order that could be found were put to death.  [Annas] and Jesus, the son of Gamala, underwent frightful insults; their bodies were deprived of sepulture, an outrage unheard of among the Jews.  Thus perished the son of the principal author of the death of Jesus. [Caiaphas, who would have been dead by then]. This was the end of the Sadducean sect, a sect often haughty, selfish , and cruel…Profound was the impression when those aristocrats, so highly respected, were seen cast naked out of the city, given up to the dogs and the jackals.  It was a world which disappeared.”
The Life of Christ, Farrar, quoting Renan (1873), 738.

“It is difficult, if not impossible, to teach doctrine without personality.”
David O. McKay   

“Mark became Peter’s interpreter and wrote down accurately, but not in order, all that he remembered of the things said and done by the Lord.  For he had not heard the Lord or been one of his followers, but later, as I said, a follower of Peter…”
Eusibius, quoting from Papias (A.D.120), 129.

“Take all away from me,
but give me ecstasy.”
Letters of Emily Dickinson, 426.

The French are a frugal people who have learned to give so that the recipient feels good in receiving.  Sidney Harris says:  “One of the loveliest examples is a note that Corot the painter sent to his friend Daumier who was nearly blind and facing eviction on his 65th birthday:  ‘Friend, I have a little house at Valmondois which I could not for the life of me think what to do with.  Suddenly I thought to give it to you.  Liking the idea I have had your ownership legally confirmed.  I had no idea of doing you a good turn.  The whole scheme was carried out to annoy your landlord.  Ever yours, Corot.’  And Daumier wrote gratefully in reply:  ‘You are the only man from whom I could take such a present and not feel humiliated.'”
private files, Nancy Baird