February 19, 2013 Matthew 20 Luke 14-17 by Nancy Baird

Audio February 19, 2013 Lesson 84

Matthew 20
Luke 14-17


“A good illustration of the pride of rabbis is the conduct of Rabbi Simeon ben Shetah, who when invited to dinner by King Jannaeus (104-79 B.C.), placed himself between the king and queen, saying, ‘Exalt wisdom and she shall exalt thee, and make thee to sit among princes.'”   Dummelow, A Commentary, 757.

“Not his body alone [was healed], but the soul – whose value was so infinitely more precious, just as its diseases are so infinitely more profound…”
Farrar, The Life of Christ, 441.

“It is as if these benefits were falling into a deep silent grave.”
Farrar, The Life of Christ, 440.

(Speaking of the parable of the prodigal son, in which is illustrated) “the deepest mysteries of divine compassion — the joy that there is in heaven over one sinner that repenteth.  Where, in the entire range of all human literature, sacred or profane, can anything be found so terse, so luminous, so full of infinite tenderness?… [including] the consequences of sin, yet so merciful…”
Farrar, The Life of Christ, 325, 326).

“Many parents do not know that even children, even very small children, have a need to feel autonomous. There is thinking now that this is kind of a basic part of human nature, and it begins very early in infancy.”
Moms Who Direct Play Lose Child’s Attention, Deseret News, Feb. 11th,