November 20, 2012 Matthew 7 By Nancy Baird

Audio November 20, 2012 Lesson 11

Matthew 7


“Many sophisticated people love to say that they are cynical, that ours is a cynical age.  They flatter themselves: they do not believe nothing, they believe anything.  Ours is not an age of unbelief.  It is an age of arrogant gullibility.”
Michael Novak, “All Things Are Not Relative,”  speech given at Westminster Abbey, London, 1994.

“It is impossible. It cannot be done. If the Great Spirit that made man would give him a new heart, he could do as you say, but not else.”
Indian Chief Tedynscung, Chief of the Delaware Indians in North America, in 1780, speaking of the Golden Rule.

“There is something about [the] awareness of right and wrong that enhances our humanity, our morality, our dignity as human beings…At some level we want to know that what we do matters…we all want to be judged.  We want to be taken seriously as moral creatures…
I am convinced that every human being has an existential need for significance…That’s why it is such a thrill when we get our name in the paper…We do incredible things.  We go into medical research, we write books…to know we matter.  We also do terrible things…assassinate the president and commit other heinous crimes…”
Rabbi Harold Kushner, Devotional BYU, BYU Today, February 1995, 19-29.

“I have found that if I tell everything I know and explain every experience that I have had, the Lord will not trust me.”
Marion G. Romney, Church Employees Lecture Series, 18 Jan. 1980.  

Why would we not, as Neal Maxwell said, “break free of our old selves – the provincial, constraining, complaining…selves,” and yield ourselves to God.
Neal Maxwell, “Willing to Submit,” Ensign, May 1985, 71.