Nov 10 2015 Hosea



David O. McKay while sailing toward Samoa in the night, had a vision. In his vision the Savior was leading a group of people toward His Eternal City. He asked, in his vision, who the people were. And he understood that they were those who had “Overcome the World – Who Have Truly Been Born Again.”   (from Jerry Houck, Witness of Christ, 187.)

“God, angels and man are all of the same species. They comprise a great family…The great decisive difference between one part of this race and the other consists in the differing degrees of intelligence and purity…” Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, 33.

“All my life I had heard explanations of covenants as being like a contract, an agreement where one person agrees to do something and the other agrees to do something else in return. For more reasons than I can explain, during those days teaching Hosea, I felt something new, something more powerful. This was not a story about a business deal between partners, nor about business law…This was a love story. This was a story of a marriage covenant bound by love, by steadfast love.”
Henry B. Eyring, Covenants and Sacrifice, 1-2.

Abraham Heschel, the great Rabbi, once spoke to a group of young business executives at Dartmouth College. His subject was ethics. He spoke for two hours and after he left, one of the men spoke and said, “Well fellows, we’ve had it. The prophet Amos was here. He stepped right out of the Old Testament.”
Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership, Ch. 3.

Louis the XIV reigned for 72 years in France. He had obviously been there too long, because he called himself “the Great,” and said, “I AM the state!” He planned his own funeral with a golden coffin and a darkened Notre Dame cathedral, with only a single candle burning to symbolize his and only his, greatness. But when the Bishop stood up to speak, he slowly snuffed out the candle and said: “Only God is Great.”
From The Interpreter’s Bible, Vol. 6, 690.

‘[Sin] creates its own penalties, alienating the good which might have brought deliverance from it, hardening itself to worse and worse deeds…sooner or later, it finds the universe arrayed against it.”
H. Wheeler Robinson, Two Hebrew Prophets, 27,28.

”There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen, “Anthem.”

“Without God man is a troubled wanderer upon a darkened earth.”
Goethe, (in Harry Emerson Fosdick, The Meaning of Faith, 62.)
“It is the only battle that matters in all the world, and the prize is the only prize that will endure.”
John Baillie, in The Interpreter’s Bible, 606.