May 5, 2015 Psalms Part 1 by Diane Adair

Audio May 5, 2015 Psalms by Diane Adair


Discussion Thread

Luke 24:44
Psalms 91:14-15
Psalms 2:1,6-7
Psalms 31:5
Psalms 41:9
Psalms 55:12
Psalms 22: 7

“Later, in Gethsemane, the suffering Jesus began to be “sore amazed” (Mark 14:33), or, in the Greek, “awestruck” and “astonished.”

Imagine, Jehovah, the Creator of this and other worlds, “astonished”! Jesus knew cognitively what He must do, but not experientially. He had never personally known the exquisite and exacting process of an atonement before. Thus, when the agony came in its fulness, it was so much, much worse than even He with his unique intellect had ever imagined! No wonder an angel appeared to strengthen him! (See Luke 22:43.)”  “Willing to Submit” April 1985 General Conference, Elder Neal A Maxwell
Psalms 107:26, 4, 13,
Psalms 69:20