Jan 11 2011 2 Nephi 31-33 by Nancy Baird


“And now let us welcome the new year
full of things that have never been.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

“When all things began, the Word already was. The Word dwelt with God, and what God was, the Word was. The Word, then, was with God at the beginning, and through him all things came to be; no single thing was created without him. All that came to be was alive with his life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines on in the dark, and the darkness has never mastered it.”
John 1:1-5, The New English Bible.

“It is by words, instead of exerting his physical powers, with which every being works when he works by faith. God said let there be light: and there was light….Faith, then, works by words; and with these its mightiest works have been, and will be performed.”
Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith, Lecture Seven, paragraph 3.

“The statement ‘receive the Holy Ghost’ in our confirmation was a directive to strive for the baptism of the Spirit.” [not the’ baptism by fire’].
Elder Bednar, Book of Mormon, Student Manuel, p. 108.

“Nephi explained that angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, and you can speak with the tongue of angels, which simply means that you can speak with the power of the Holy Ghost.”
Elder Boyd K. Packer, “The Gift of the Holy Ghost,” Ensign, Aug, 2006, pp.49-50.

“The Elders of Israel, though the great majority of them are moral men, and as clear of spot and blemish as men well can be, live beneath their privilege; they live continually without enjoying the power of God. I want to see men and women breathe the Holy Ghost in every breath of their lives, living constantly in the light of God’s countenance.”
Brigham Young, JD 9:288.

“Essential ideas are obvious only in retrospect.”
from a New Yorker article on Viruses, Dec 2010.