March 4, 2014 Hebrews 8-13 By Nancy Baird

 Audio March 4, 2014 Hebrews 8-13 by Nancy Baird

 Hebrews 8-13


“…without the shedding of blood was no remission…”
Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 58.

“It is estimated that more than 95 percent of the universe – dark energy plus dark matter – is entirely unseen…At every level, from top to bottom, we only gain knowledge of the world by cutting our ties to common sense and intuition.  The largest things are hidden from our view.  The smallest things defy any coherent mental picture.  There is, in fact, a strangeness at the heart of all things….Modern physics leaves room for a reality beyond our senses.”
Michael Gerson, Washington Post, in the Deseret News, February 2014.

Jacques Lusseryran, the blind Frenchman, perceived by his inner eye, his inner spirit that beauties in nature sent out their spirits to him in response to his interest in them. “Being attentive unlocks a sphere of reality that not one suspects.”

He describes walking along a path, and when he “awakens his attention,” “every tree immediately came to me.  This must be taken quite literally.  Every single tree projects its form, its weight, its movement…in my direction…I discovered that the universe consists of pressure, that every object and every living being reveals itself to us at first by a kind of quiet yet unmistakable pressure that indicates its intention and form…Even stones…”
In Catherine Thomas, Light in the Wilderness 175.

[Faith is] “the principle of action in all intelligent beings.”
Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith, 1st Lecture, 7-9.