October 1, 2013 Acts 10-12 By Diane Adair

Audio October 1, 2013 Lesson 4


“Only one who has fought against those ominous waves is justified in telling us—as well as the sea—to “be still.”    Only one who has taken the full brunt of such adversity could ever be justified in telling us in such times to “be of good cheer.”     Such counsel is not a jaunty pep talk…  Christ knows better than all others that the trials of life can be very deep and we are not shallow people if we struggle with them…”
 Jeffrey R. Holland, Ensign, Oct., 1999.

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Challenge for the Week  Pray for the speakers at General Conference. Make a specific effort to prepare yourself. Make it a bigger deal.  Write down the 1-3 things that you want answers to or help with as you listen to conference.  After conference, read the Ensign.