Sept 26 2017 1 Nephi 11 – 15 Lesson 4 by Rebekah Ellsworth

“God hath not revealed anything to Joseph, but what He will make known unto the Twelve, and even the least Saint may know all things as fast as he is able to bear them” – Joseph Smith, Jr., History of the Church, 3:380

“The Spirit made explicit that the Tree of Life and its precious fruit are symbols of Christ’s redemption” – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Christ and the New Covenant: The Messianic Message of the Book of Mormon [1997], 160

“The tree of life . . . is the love of God (see 1 Nephi 11:25). The love of God for His children is most profoundly expressed in His gift of Jesus as our Redeemer: ‘God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son’ ( John 3:16). To partake of the love of God is to partake of Jesus’ Atonement and the emancipations and joys which it can bring”  – Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Conference Report, Oct. 1999, 6; or Ensign, Nov. 1999, 8

“Warring Against the Saints of God,” Stephen E. Robinson, Ensign, January 1988

Sept 19 2017 Book of Mormon 3 by Kelly Fankhauser

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation” by Jean M. Twenge’s
“Overcoming the World” by Elder Neil L. Anderson

Numberless concourses of people divided into 4 categories

1 Nephi 8 Lehi’s Parable of the 4 paths Jesus’ Parable of the 4 kinds of soil Mathew 13
vs. 21-23 Those who start on the path but then become lost in the mist of darkness Among thorns, heard the word, care of the world choked the word, unfruitful vs. 7,  22
vs. 24 – 28 Those who hold to the rod of iron until they reach the tree and partake of the fruit, but then become ashamed and fall away. Stony places, receive the word, endure for awhile, by and by was offended vs. 5, 20-21
vs. 30 Those who hold to the rod until they reach the tree and partake of the fruit, and who then remain faithful. Good ground, heard the word, understood it, brought forth fruit vs. 8, 23
vs. 31-33 Those who never start on the path but instead go directly toward the great and spacious building. By the way side, wicked one caught away that which was sewn vs. 4, 19

Wayside = people who hear the word of God but do not understand it.

Stony Places = people who hear and receive the word of God but do not allow it to take root in them.

Thorny Places = people who hear the word of God but are distracted by the cares of the world

Good Ground = people who hear the word of God, understand it, and do works of righteousness